Home made Bircher Muesli

Whenever I mention to people that I love yogurt with my muesli, I usually get rather strange looks. But I must tell you that there is nothing more delightful than this amazing combination. Incidentally it’s a rather popular European breakfast developed around 1900 by Swiss physicianMaximilian Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital. Here is the recipe to put this together.

1/2 tub of greek or regular yogurt (200ml) beaten
3 ½ tablespoons organic honey
Half cup of any tart tasting fruit (berries, mangoes, mandarins)
1/2 cup of museli preferably with sultanas and nuts, I use one that has rolled oats, wheat flakes, almond slivers, pecans and raisins in it

Mix 3 tablespoons of honey in the yogurt, keep aside.
Now layer fruit, yogurt and muesli alternately topping up last with muesli.

Drizzle the remaining ½ tablespoon of honey on the top.
Refrigerate for 3-4 hours, enjoy cold.

This is so versatile you could add pretty much anything you like to this e.g. chia seeds, candied peel, leftover cake/cookie crumble, choco-chips, assorted nuts, dry fruit etc.